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What is ExtendX?


ExtendX is a tool and platform for online analytical processing (OLAP Cubes) and report generation.
ExtendX is likely the simplest way to navigate your data and intelligently turn your data into Business Intelligence.

The setup, driven by a wizard, connects you to your SAP data in a flash. Makes no difference where your database is situated, whether local, remote or in the cloud.

You can navigate the tables and views in your database or join together tables and views from one or multiple databases into what we call ‘Star Schemas’.

The SAP production data is read directly into memory by ExtendX. There is no need for any Extract, Transfer and Load as required by most other OLAP tools. ExtendX works directly from the SAP relational databases.

You can then aggregate, summarize and pivot the data into simple or elaborate reports which can be shared between users on the same network or forwarded via email to users on remote customers’ networks.

In addition you can create meaningful graphs and charts. It’s all completely effortless.

You can export the results to PDF, publish the results in HTML or simply export it to Excel.

You can drill down from any cell and see exactly the details which were summarized into that cell.

And the best part – it’s all drag and drop. No programming ever. There are not even any dialogs to deal with.

All you got to know is what you want from the data. And even if you don’t, it doesn’t matter much, because you can make a mistake one second and reverse it in the next second.

So, now with ExtendX, you can produce reports in minutes that took days to program in the past. If you’re a developer of reports you’ll be able to do the most complicated reports in less than a tenth of the time, and  yet your users will be overjoyed with the results. If you are a solution provider you could put together a library of 50 reports that work with your app in 3 days and provide it as a new module.

Finally, the ExtendX platform is so versatile and intuitive that anyone from the CEO to the parts department manager can learn to use it in 30 minutes, if they so desire.

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