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Presents ExtendX/B1 & S3 for SAP Business Systems

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP Cubes) 
y from SAP
relational tables and views. 

No ETL required - ever.
Business Intelligence at a price that just can't be beat!

Your company's SAP Business One or R/3 system has data – gigabytes and
 terabytes of it.


You’ve been told it’s a treasure, it just never seems that way.

Almost every time you need information, and you need it now, it’s not available.

Or at least not without an unacceptable delay requiring a specialized skillset, additional effort and/or money.


What if producing reports, elaborate pivot tables and charts required no programming whatsoever?


What if all the data was available directly without any intermediate copying, duplicating or synchronizing?


What if didn’t matter if the database was on your server or in the cloud?


What if it was so simple to use that anyone from the CEO down to the parts department manager could get his head around it in a half an hour?


And then what if it made no difference whether what was required is a Stock Movement by Quarter report or a Sales Projection by Product Category by Month report or an Agent Placement Productivity by Account report or any report from any data?


What if it was up and running in the first 5 minutes and you could have your first complete report 5 minutes after that?


What if it was priced affordably by desktop, without regard to the kind of data, the amount of data or the number of reports and pivot tables produced?


What if ‘ExtendX/B1' and 'ExtendX/S3', the self-service Business Intelligence tools, did all of this and more?



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